HiFont - Cool Font Text Free

Provides a lot of themed fonts in different sizes


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HiFont - Cool Font Text Free is a small piece of software that gives the user the ability to change the default font on an Android phone. Unfortunately, in order for this app to work, users must first have the FlipFont software installed on the device. FlipFont is only compatible with a handful of phones, including Samsung, One Plus, and Nokia. That means this app is restricted to those compatible phones as well.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who can use HiFont - Cool Font Text Free, you'll notice the app interface is quite beautiful and minimalistic. There are no distracting flashes or anything else beyond what is necessary to make the app function smoothly. The elegant interface isn't the only positive about the app, either. When users first open the software, they will be greeted with a list of the fonts that were added to the library most recently, which is helpful for those who frequently like to change things up.

Other lists in the app organize the fonts by popularity and category, and users can even search for specific fonts that may exist in the library. Using the simple drop-down menu, users can easily switch between fonts while accessing their entire downloaded selection of fonts.

There are few apps with the same simple coolness and utility of HiFont - Cool Font Text Free. There are so many fonts in the library that it would be nearly impossible to use them all for any significant amount of time. Somewhere in that library is the ideal font for your Android device.


  • Hundreds of beautiful and unique fonts
  • Easily switch between fonts


  • Requires FlipFont software to be previously installed
  • Many similar fonts

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